In keeping with the true spirit of what an ale house should be, the Ale House is carrying out the heart-held tradition of handcrafted beers and bringing people together to share in the community. So bring your adventurous. Bring your curious. But most of all, bring your good taste, because we promise you the best local craft beers and food pairings this side of the Rocky Mountains.


Just a hop and a skip away from downtown to LoHi, the Ale House resides in what was previously Amato of Denver. Carlo Amato poured his dreams into fountains and statuary here for 63 years, and now bartenders pour handcrafted beers and cocktails into sculpted glasses.

Amato of Denver still thrives a block north of us and was gracious enough to leave behind some of their most artistic statues for us to use in our decor.


The Ale House has a history with great beer. We're owned by Colorado legends Breckenridge Brewery and Wynkoop Brewing Company, you know the guys who basically started this whole craft beer thing. So it's no wonder we proudly feature so many of their beers on tap.

It's a good reminder to stay true to our roots and keep the spirit of craft brewers alive. To learn more about the Breckenridge Brewery and Ale House connection, visit